5 Tips For Finding A Great Roof Contractor

In this article, you can find five tips for choosing a reasonable roofing contractor if you need more. Selecting a contractor to replace a roof is a significant decision that will affect whether you will have leaks in the future or possibly replace the roof too soon. Many have entered the roofing field due to their ability to take a test but should not have been licensed due to no real experience. Or just plain unethical individuals who have a roofing business. With so many roof contractors, how does the homeowner determine who to choose? The choice you make can affect your home value and appearance.  Below are tips on how to choose the right contractor.

1. Make Sure They are Local

You can choose a contractor that has a local phone number and address. You’ll need to pick a local roofer in your area because they can be there for you the same day of your call or the next day if any leaks happen. Due to the travel time, those out of the area or out of state will need help returning. Know that roofers will come from out of the area and canvas neighborhoods after a hail storm or hurricane. They walk streets to sign unsuspecting homeowners with fast talking and promises they can’t keep. Storm chasers are infamous for these tactics. Protect yourself and choose a local contractor.

2. Check How Many Years In Business

Are they an established roofer in the area? Do they have local references? A contractor who has been in business for 5-plus years will more likely be around to support your roof warranty. If you need help, ask for the address of completed jobs, if anything, but to drive by and see if they are legit, look at reviews on their company. Some may have a few low stars but look at it as a whole. Some homeowners cannot be pleased no matter what a roof contractor does to fix their issue. Please don’t decide not to use a contractor because of a few reviews; instead, you can use all the data in this article combined to help in your decision.

3. Does The Contractor have manufacturing certifications

Manufacturers will give roofers a certification of pro, silver, gold, or platinum, which are levels of achievement the roofing company obtains. With this certification, they can offer better warranties and show homeowners credibility because manufacturers won’t give accreditation to a roofer who does a few roofs a month. No, the manufacturer wants a history of quality and stability to sell more of their material in the future. Those who have established roofers in an area with a manufacturer can offer reduced costs on materials.

4. Roof Contractor Workmanship Warranty

There are two warranties when replacing a roof. One is by the manufacturer, and the other is by the contractor. In Florida, all manufacturers offer what is called a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The 30, 40 and 50-year shingles are no more. Shingles also have a 130mph warranty in Florida due to manufactured products and codes requiring six nails per shingle. Shingles in the 150mph range are also available, all with conditions in their warranties. The contractor warranty is often five years to 10 years to 20 years. It covers installation. If anything fails due to their installation, they must fix it free in the warranty coverage.

5. Memberships or Affiliations

One of the most essential tips in choosing a roof contractor is their memberships. BBB, or Better Business Bureau, is stringent in its membership and demands a perfect record of treating the public fairly. The local Chamber of Commerce also has rules for contractors to abide by or be removed from membership. These two memberships are the most important for homeowners to determine their choice and are often better than reviews. These memberships have a code of conduct to protect our communities from unscrupulous contractors. Whereas this to post reviews can be vindictive or a relative. How do you know? Could you check into their memberships?

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