When Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor

Most Florida homeowners replace their house roof once to two times in their lifetime therefore it is an important decision to make. Choosing the wrong roof contractor can be costly and frustrating. Also many contractors can be overly zealous and aggressive to get “the signed contract” pushing for a signature. There is no need to be rushed into a contract you may later regret.

Follow these simple steps in determine who to have replace your roof.

  1. Referrals – Ask the friends or neighbors for referrals. Often times someone you know can give you direction on not only who to get an estimate from but also who to stay away from. Ask someone you trust about their experience.
  2. Licensed – The contractors business card, website or truck should display their qualified license number plainly. Some who call themselves roof contractors are not licensed at all. Rather they have a licensed friend pull a permit for them. Definitely not something a homeowner would want to do with all the legalities involved.
  3. Insurances – The infamous ” licensed and insured” is a dead giveaway the person is not a licensed roof contractor. If they had a license they would display the numbers.
  4. Comfortable – After being assured of the forgoing 3 steps ask yourself, are you comfortable with the individual, were they knowledgable, pleasant and reasurring,

Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc are state license roof and general contractors who will provide the information to allow you to make the best informed decision for you.

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