Roof Coatings by Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc.

Installing the best roof coating system available. Building owner saves the cost of replacing the roof. Also saving the environment by not filling landfills with commercial roofing waste. We install silicone roofing systems by Karnak

About Karnak

Founded in 1933, still family-owned and now certified as a Woman-owned business, Karnak continues to lead the roofing repair and restoration market with new innovations every year. Quality and consistency you can count on. KARNAK’s mission is to manufacture the highest quality sustainable roofing and building solutions to protect, restore and extend the life of the building envelope while reducing the environmental impact.

“We distinguish ourselves by providing friendly, personalized customer service and outstanding product satisfaction. Three phrases that still best describe our company”

“We are good folks”

“We make good stuff” 

“And we have fun doing it”



  • Silicone coating will not degrade, chalk or crack under harsh UV exposure.
  • Tough, flexible elastic film that seals and protects.
  • 670HS Karna-Sil Ultra is an Energy Star® listed reflective coating that may reduce energy consumption by lowering air conditioning requirements.
  • Can provide an energy savings “payback” based on building design, energy consumption needs and insulation levels.
  • Application causes no disruption of activities inside building.
  • Sustainable – Avoids roof replacement and adds life to the existing roof system.
  • Encapsulates surface rust on properly prepared metal surfaces and inhibits the formation of new rust.
  • NSF Rated – Designed for potable rainwater catchment systems.
  • Coating produces a smooth surface that offers excellent resistance to mold, mildew and staining.
  • Low VOC solution with high reflectivity that withstands ponding water

We have been installing environmentally friendly roof coatings for years while others were still using asphalt base built up roofing. We saw the future of roofing going to environment base materials that save energy through white reflective material. Keeping interior building many degrees cooler. – Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc

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