Back Porch Conversion

Back porch conversion of a screen room to new living space can add value to your home as well as giving more room for family members. This porch area was a lot of wasted space for a family of five. Especially when three of the five were children. Now there is usable added space under air conditioning for the children to play instead of the screened back porch with Florida’s heat. Removing the two sets of pocket sliding glass doors and wrapping openings with trim allowed for easy flow of home members using the new space.

Porch Remodel Is What We Do

Back porch conversion is one of our specialties. Code requires all porch slabs to raised to house elevation for living. We then enclose the exterior walls with the most efficient material that best fits the home. Most of inside renovations is mostly custom for each individual family and their needs. Adding a new addition or porch onto existing home can be concerning. Over 30 years providing remodel of homes and exterior renovations. At Florida Roofing and Renovations it is what we do. Thinking of enlarging your existing home? Have some ideas and would like some input?

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