Examples of Straight Roof Shingles

These are examples of straight roof shingles installed by Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc. Ridge vents and shingles laid in nice line with ridge. There are roofers that have crews who race through the roof replacement. If homeowner was to get on the roof their poor work is obvious. shingle rows waiving or the ridge caps crooked. They know to chaulk lines yet don’t care because their omly concern is speed to make money. And on to the next one. Good roof contractors have crews that they demand excellance from.

Quality Roofers

Straight roof shingles is one example of someone that takes pride in their work. Clean jobs verses tar on gutters and drip edges or trash in yard which reveals whether the individuals installing your roof care or not.


We have been installing roofs in Brevard County Florida for over 30 years. Florida Roofing and renovations owner requires any employee to perform with quality and pride in mind. To watch over the homeowners property as if it is there own. To treat the property as though it is theirs.


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