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Who FRSA is;

FRSA is an association of roofing, sheet metal, and air conditioning contractors. Industry-related companies, including manufacturers, suppliers, manufacturers’ representatives, roofing consultants, and others. Over the past 102 years, FRSA has developed many programs and services available to FRSA members. FRSA maintains its status as a progressive association of members with similar interests and purposes. The FRSA Board of Directors and several standing and special committees work on various programs and projects while constantly developing or assessing new ones. The organization’s success is due to the active involvement of so many members.


The purpose of the FRSA is to encourage a high standard of business ethics among its members and to inform the public of the importance of doing business with competent and ethical firms. FRSA encourages quality through education and recognition of competence. FRSA represents the interests and acts as the voice of its membership before government and regulatory bodies of all kinds and works to improve the overall industry in keeping with the general purposes of the Association.


FRSA Code Of Ethics

Conduct my business ethically to reflect credit and confidence by the public in our industry and in my own business.

Consider my vocation worthy and dignified and thus afford a distinct opportunity to serve society.

Hold that exchanging my goods and my service for a fair profit is legitimate and ethical, provided all exchange parties benefit.

Elevate the standards of my vocation by exercising a high degree of care in executing all work and correcting any defective work as a direct challenge to my ability and integrity.

Protect and defend the public from fraudulent and unethical practices affecting our industry.

Cooperate with the association to provide better conditions in the industry so that the public, management, capital, and labor will all mutually benefit.

Operate my business by the rules and regulations of constituted authority at all levels and in a manner which will leave no doubt as to my loyalty to my country and its ideals and fundamental principles.

Our Membership

Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc. is proud to be a member of such a credible organization as the FRSA. Over the years, the conventions have been informative for us roof contractors. As a result, this benefits homeowners living in the great state of Florida.

Serving Areas

Palm Bay, FL; Melbourne, FL; Satellite Beach, FL; Indialanitic, FL; Viera, FL; Rockledge, FL; all of Brevard County, FL.

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