Turn A Porch Into A Sunroom

Can you turn a porch into a sunroom? How much does it cost to convert a porch into a sunroom? Converting a screened porch to a sunroom is a fantastic upgrade that can bring a lot of joy. The process is straightforward, and the results are gratifying. The sunroom can be used in various ways, making it a versatile addition to your home. When considering the pros and cons of having a screened porch vs a sunroom.

You may love having an outdoor area that keeps the bugs away, but you can only use the porch seasonally because of weather extremes in Florida, which has hot summers. In addition, there is the upkeep of spending too much time cleaning dust, dirt, and pollen. With the sunroom, you can use the space year-round, no matter the temperature.


What Are The Options

You’ve decided to convert your room for several different reasons. The first is gaining extra living space in your home, which will increase its value and excite you about its potential porch into a sunroom. Secondly, with your growing family, you may want extra space. Many homes feature covered porches, which are recessed under the main roof. These porches typically have a roof structure of concrete slabs supported by columns. Converting an existing framed porch into a sunroom can be a reassuringly cost-effective choice, as it eliminates the need for additional roofing and flooring, making your investment more secure.

Where a screened porch remains largely separate from the rest of the house, a sunroom can be incorporated more wholly into your home’s interior. It can act as an extension of the adjacent living space yet still be cut off from the living area by retaining the sliding glass doors.

Where a primary screen porch can only be used during fair weather, a sunroom provides some of the same ambiance with the added convenience of protection from the elements. Sunrooms can be used as bonus rooms. Most homeowners who convert a porch to a sunroom do so with the intention of the space serving as a common area for the whole family. The main design goal of a sunroom is to let the sunshine in. Typically, this includes adding many windows to create a beautifully lit space. This gives the feeling of being outside without exposure to the outside. 

Code Requirements

The procedure is to build walls between the columns or install windows, as the pictures show in this article. The concrete floor can be tiled or carpeted for a more comfortable space. The exterior walls can be insulated, and the windows can be energy efficient. An air conditioning system called a split-mini, a small AC unit for single rooms, can be installed to cool the room.

In Florida, the code requires that if a converted porch is converted into a room or addition, the concrete slab must be raised to the house level to be part of the living space. The sliding glass or French doors are deleted. The added space is now ultimately part of the house’s living space. This increases costs due to extra labor, materials, concrete, ducts from central air, and possible AC upgrades. Sunrooms are chosen over complete additions to living because they stay separate from the main area and cost less.

Because it is a separate space, it can also be an ideal place to escape from the main living area to a secluded space away from larger families or kids.

Is it worth it to enclose a porch? 

Additional living space.

Increase home value.

Allow more natural light.

These three reasons make converting a porch to a sunroom well worth it. The benefits are a resounding yes.

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Ready to make the most of your outdoor space?

Converting your porch into a sunroom is an investment that can pay off big time. Picture this – a bright, airy room that seamlessly blends the outdoors and indoors. Imagine sipping your morning coffee while basking in natural light or entertaining guests in a cozy, temperature-controlled space. A sunroom addition boosts your home’s value, extends your living area, and provides a rejuvenating retreat right at home. The possibilities are endless!

What’s holding you back? Take the first step towards transforming your porch into the sunroom of your dreams. Contact us today to learn how we can make it happen. The sunlight and fresh air are waiting!