Chimney Repairs

Replace rotten plywood chimney repair that was leaking. There can be mulitple reasons for a chimney to leak.

The 3 Reasons Chimney Leaks

  1. The chimney has a metal cover and a cap that is round. Either can be let water protude.
  2. The stucco, brick or wood siding on the chimney allows water penetration.
  3. There is metal flashing around base of chimney connect to shingles which can leak.


  • The top of the chimney can be determined fairly easy if a professional is called to check. Once the source of leak is found it is then decided to replace the cover or the top round cap.
  • Many roofers stay away from chimney repairs becuse finding the source of water leak into the home can be difficult. Espeacially if the leak is in the siding. Sometimes its cracks in the stucco, or brick mortar joints. Maybe simple yet missed is wood trim caulking.
  • Then there is the flashing around base of chimney. Thin aluminum metal is usually the culprit and requires removing shingles, replacing damaged wood and flashing. Then install new shingles or roof material back around chimney.


If you are looking for a fireplace company to determine the chimney cover or cap needss replaced call the Fireplace & BBQ Emporium and ask for Tracy. Wonderfull people you can trust to provide honest inspection and great prices. Of the three fireplace vendors in the Melbourne Florida area Tracy and their company is the best.

If you are looking for a professional who has exstensive expereince in chimney repairs call us. We know how to not ony find the leak source but stop the leak permanently. Including repairing the interior damage inside. As if it never even happened.

Maybe you are looking for the right person to build a new fireplace and chimney call us. We are qualified.

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