Installing a New Fireplace in Veira

With this project, we demonstrated our expertise in installing fireplaces. We started by doing all the necessary work outside the home, protecting the living area from dust and potential damage. As general contractors, we were able to bring a fireplace to a space that previously didn’t have one. We even went the extra mile by cutting into the roof shingles to properly flash the chimney.


Fireplace Considerations

  • The Location – How the heat from a fireplace will affect the room in which it is installed.
  • The Materials – The material on the fireplace face can be brick, stone, wood, or tile.
  • The Size – The standard sizes are 36″ or 42″. Each has its pros or cons

These considerations will better determine the cost of installing a new fireplace. Also, better prepare for an estimator who comes to provide a proposal. Some homeowners want traditional, and others desire contemporary.


Additional Fireplace Choices

Do you want a fireplace with a flat hearth on the floor or 6″ to 12″ off the floor?

Would you like a mantle? If so, is it out of wood, stone, or brick?

Do you want the fireplace to go up to the ceiling? Stop at the mantle?

All these questions should be considered, which allows the estimator to help the homeowner get the fireplace they desire —one that will give them enjoyment for many years.

We work with Fireplace Emporium who we have found to be excellent in all their products and installation.

The following pictures sequence how we installed a new fireplace in a home without one.

If you are looking to install or replace a fireplace, please call 321-914-3360 or email us here.