We Install 130mph and 150mph Shingles.

We Install 130mph and 150mph Shingles with the best shingles available. At Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc., we can provide high-rated and high-impact shingles at the best cost. We can offer these high-rated shingles, which are better than the competition cost for regular shingles. Also, we use a complete roof self-adhere underlayment (peel-N-stick) over the whole roof deck. We also provide a full 25-year non-prorated shingle warranty.

The first one we offer is a Pinnacle® Pristine architectural 130mph shingle, and the second one is a StormMaster® Shake architectural 150mph shingle. Both have the same warranties as far as life expectancy. However, there is an appearance difference, whereas the StormMaster® Shake shingle has more of a decadent color blend than the big plus of 150mph.

Some Local Roof Contractors

Many roofers will use a standard hip and ridge for the roof ridges versus upgraded Hip & Ridge shingles. Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc. uses the Hip & Ridge that goes with the 130mph or the Hip & Ridge that goes with the 150 mph. We never cut corners to save cost. We provide a complete roof system that the manufacturer requires for their warranty.

Contact us for a free proposal showing what Atlas Shingle manufactures, and we can provide a longer-lasting and more substantial wind-shingled roof.

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