Types Of Wall Connectors

Three types of roof-to-wall connectors that are correctly installed will ensure insurance discounts. As well as where additional nail(s) are needed for the connector. The added nail will allow the insurance to give other benefits in the mitigation report. 


When should you install additional nails to get the insurance credit?

There are only two ways to upgrade the wall-to-roof connectors that meet Florida’s requirements. If you plan on replacing your roof, that’s the time to install the added nail(s) to the connector. If the roof does not need replacement, then removing soffits and installing connectors is an alternative. Then, reinstall soffits or install new vinyl soffits instead of old and outdated metal soffits.


There are three primary roof-to-wall connectors used by builders today. 

All three connector types have their level of benefit. 

  1. The ‘H’ Clip anchor or fastener is a small metal clip that clips your roof to an exterior wall using eight nails each. They do not wrap over the wall truss. Typically, it was used in wood-framed houses.
  2. A single hurricane strap is a metal strap that wraps over the truss and is needed in the exterior block. It usually has three nails securing the connection. A single strap has better strength and is better than a clip. They are used primarily on concrete walls.
  3. Double straps are two separate metal straps that wrap over the truss, being secured by three nails. The double strap provides more strength than a single strap. They are also used primarily on concrete walls.

Some homes still exist that only have toenails, but it is rare to see them as many have been upgraded to strapping. However, the toe-nail type of connecting can be upgraded using strapping. A licensed contractor can give you options to use in this case. A homeowner can only provide a mitigation report for your insurance company if a Florida-licensed engineer, architect, or general contractor can only report to your insurance company.

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