Vinyl Siding Damaged By Hail

Vinyl Siding Damaged By Hail at Lakes of Melbourne Community and Quail Run Retirement Community. The storm damaged roofs as hail plummeted homes in both senior community parks. The storm damaged the north and west sides of the community homes, including gutters and downspouts. Window screens and glazing were also damaged. We provide multiple services as roof and general contractors. So homeowners can get trades put together into a single price for better cost.


Most of the resident’s roofs need to be replaced. However, many are unaware of the total damage to the top of their homes. Both parks’ residents should call their insurance to file a claim because there is more damage than visible damage. We are not only installing siding for residents with hail damage. We also replaced old damaged wood siding with new vinyl. If you no longer want to paint your wood siding and enjoy an easy-to-clean siding. Think vinyl siding: beautiful colors and a variety of styles. Vinyl also can be installed at very reasonable prices.

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Florida Roofing and Renovations installs vinyl siding and roofs.

Also, we are NOT storm chasers after your claims.