Tips for Finding the Best Roofer

Tips for Finding the Best Roofer can be simple if you just follow a few guidelines. Begin by asking friends, relatives or neighbors who they would recommend. Search online and look for positive reviews. Sometimes they may have a negative review due to a mistake the roofer made or the just unhappy people. Look to see if their more positive than negative reviews. Once having determined who to ask for an estimate go ahead and schedule a time to meet the person coming out to present you with the roof proposal. Remember an estimate proposal is just that a proposal. You are not agreeing to anything. The appointment is an opportunity to receive what your roof will cost from the roof contractor as well as to get a first impression of their roof company.

The Scheduled Appointment

During the estimating visit some things to consider is the sales person themselves. We all have intuition during a first impression and feel comfortable or repelled by others. Things to be aware of are; Are they dressed presentable, do they smell nice (not bad), are they pleasant and have a nice smile, decent vehicle with lettering clearly stating the roof company? All these things affect our senses and determine if we receive or reject an individual. Listen to your inner self. A new roof is a big decision.

Your estimate for the roof replacement should be very thorough on what material the contractor intends to install on your house. The estimate should contain the following items for your roof estimate;

  • Business Card
  • Detailed Proposal
  • Brochures of the Material
  • Copies of Licenses
  • Copies of Insurances

If they do not have the items you can always ask for them. They should also give you a time frame of when they will able to start your roof and how long to finish the roof. The estimate can be overwhelming so there is no reason to make a decision in haste. Most homeowners opt to get three proposals to compare not only price but the company and their procedure. However if you feel very comfortable with the sales person and the price then by all means agree to use that roof contractor.

Prepare ahead of time what questions to ask or after the estimate meeting you may have additional questions. The don’t hesitate to call the contractor and ask. The point is roof cost is always important in considering a roof contractor but so is their appearance, demeanor and reputation. Be diligent and do your homework. There are many good and honest roof contractors but there are also many who are not.

Final Thoughts

We hope this brief information on how to choose to roofer will help in your decision. At Florida Roofing and Renovation Inc we are honest and reliable. Love what we do. And we do our best to not only earn your business but to ensure a happy customer. If you are in the process right now of looking for a roof contractor please consider us as we really do care. And want to continue growing our base of satisfied customers.

In addition to us being state certified roof contractors we also are state certified general contractors. You may be seeking more than a roof project and so you are aware as general contractors we can offer combined packages of projects a roofer cannot do such as siding, windows, porches and additions. Save on cost with combining multiple projects with Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc today.

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