Replacing Three Story Hotel Roof

We have the workforce to Replace the three-story hotel Roof. Replacing commercial roofs requires knowledgeable and skilled roofers. This roof required metal fabrication of the big vents visible in the photos.

We install roofs on small commercial buildings like;



Types of Roofing Material

Types of roofing we install are shingles, metal, tile, TPO, self-adhere systems, and commercial coatings on the buildings mentioned in this article.


Roof and General Contractors

As general contractors, we can also fabricate or resign the roof structure to direct the water runoff, which can be scuppers, tapered deck systems, or parapet walls. To change width or length or even stepped and sloped parapets.


Water Sitting On Roof

Flat Roof – Roof drains are in the flat part of roofs and have water directed to the drain. However, if water is not draining, the roof drains must be addressed by checking for any obstruction causing water to drain incorrectly. Or if drainage is not the issue but leaks are, then replacing the gasket seal, clamp ring, or whole drain unit is possible. Scuppers are drains in the parapet walls on the perimeter of the roof. Debris can block water from draining off the roof or slowing the water tremendously.

Commercial roof issues can be a simple fix or a more involved fix. We can assess and provide a written proposal to rectify the problem.

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