Terrible Roof Job

A terrible roof job is an issue we come across as a roof contractor a few times a year. This terrible roof job by a previous roofer caused the homeowner to call us to fix the mess left by them. The pictures show the roof results of a inexperienced roofer who actually caused more roof damage. Once we removed all the bad roof material we installed a self-adhered base material called Flintlastic SA by Certainteed. After having prepped the base foundation we applied the Flintlastic SA cap sheet. The finished Flintlastic SA roof system now looks professional done and the roof will no longer leak.

The Shingle Tie-in

Whenever the Flintlastic SA roof system is used in conjunction with a pitched roof the tie-in needs to be done correctly. This roof had shingles and the tie-in is the same procedure whether metal, tile or shingle roof. The flat roof material must always be installed minimum of 16″ up the rake under the roof material on the pitched roof. We try to install as much as 24″ under pitched material. On this roof we removed 4 rows of shingles and ran flat roof material up rake then installed with new matching shingles.


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