Installing A Tapered System To Eliminate Ponding Water

Tapered on a flat roof helps the roof properly drain water instead of ponding on the roof. Two layers of a self-adhered Flintlastic System ensures no future leaks or leaks from ponding water. The tapered roof system is made of ISO board and comes in two common size rises of 1/8″ per foot and 1/4″ per foot. Example would be for 1/4″ rise every four feet the taper would rise one inch. From zero to one inch. In twelve feet the rise would be three inches. Easily meeting code of no ponding water on flat roofs. Providing peace of mind that water sheds off flat roof quickly.

As general contractors we provided both estimates of taper system vs trussed roof system installed. A tapered system cost on a flat roof is a significant savings vs the cost of building a pitched roof with wood trusses and plywood. The cost is magnified due to mansard roof requiring extra framing support to carry the weight of a pitched framed built over flat roof. However the greater pitch from a trussed roof will change the street aesthetics of home creating a better curb appeal, as well as increasing the value of the home. Yet the taper cost less and does not change the aesthetics of home as efficient from the pictures of house roof.

We also replaced the shingles on this mansard roof over a self-adhered underlayment. We used 130mph limited lifetime shingles by Atlas.

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