Should I convert my flat roof to a pitched roof?


Does your flat roof pond water? 


Should I convert my flat roof to a pitched roof? Does your flat roof pond water?The benefits of flat roof conversion to a pitch roof. Many of the ongoing concerns with flat roofs are water sitting on the roof, possible mold issues from moisture between drywall and roof, no attic space or ventilation.

Tired of dealing with the same old flat roof issues? Then consider some of the options available today.

  1. Replace the roof with a quality roofing product such as self-adhered roof systems.
  2. Clean roof and apply a primer then a white roof coating product for longevity.
  3. Pitch roof with a roof tampered system.
  4. Pitch roof with wood rafters commonly called sleepers.

Or you may just want to pitch roof with rafters or trusses to match existing house roof due to esthetics.

Pitched roofs with shingles or metal look better than flat. Plus the following benefits to convert a flat roof to a pitched roof in addition to esthetically nicer, are; 

  • A pitched roof can add be more energy efficient as a high insulation R-value can be installed in attic space.  
  • Pitch roofs can have a 40% higher roof life than a flat roof.
  • Insurances will not insure a flat roof after a certain period of time.
  • Home value will increase with a flat roof conversion.
  • No longer annoyed with another drip-drip-drip.
  • The constant fear of a rain storm while you are away from home.


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