Sebastian Roof

Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc. installed a Sebastian roof. We have installed many Sebastian Roofs with warranties that beat the competition, such as including free items with each roof. For instance, we included the impact glass skylight on this home for free because the homeowner chose us to install their new roof. This homeowner, a Sebastian inspector, decided to use us rather than other roof contractors. We met his expectations, installing what we believe to be the best shingle. As a quality roof contractor, we only install the best products available.

Architectural shingles in Florida are the best due to their longer lifespan and durability. They also now come with a 130 mph wind lift. And a limited lifetime warranty. A 150 mph shingle is available as well. There are a variety of blends and colors in shingles today versus ten or more years ago. The past colors were browns, grays, and whites, which were bland. Before you choose, could you have your roof contractor bring samples of the color choices? We can assist homeowners in selecting the right shingle color for their homes. The right shingle can give your home excellent curb appeal while increasing its value.

Let us show you that we provide the service every homeowner deserves. Our roof installation always includes nailing the wood deck off with 8D rink-shanks nails to code, self-adhered underlayment over the entire wood deck, Using only lead plumbing stacks (not neoprene collars), aluminum dripedge and bath vents (not galvanize) and then the 130 or 150 mph shingles with the best ridge vent on the market.

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