Roofers Knock On Doors

If you have ever experienced a hail or hurricane and received damage then you know that roofers miraculously start showing up. They walk through your neighborhood knocking on doors? And in some cases harassing homeowners. 

The Roofers Promise

They make promises which some are not even legal let alone ethical to make. Promises to get a new roof without a deductible or saying for free. In the trade these roof companies are commonly called-storm chasers. Those who are honest roofers who pride themselves on providing homeowners a quality product. Seek to build customer and referral base by providing a good roof for a reasonable price.

The Dreaded AOB

The one thing storm chasers have in common is a piece of paper called an AOB (Assignment of Benefits) A paper which storm chasers pressure homeowners to sign which in return gives them permission to contact and pursue an insurance claim on your behalf. However most homeowners don’t know that they lose all rights in YOUR insurance claim, as it is now in the hands of an insurance adjuster and the roof contractor. 

Storm chasers can come from other states who will then setup a business in Florida for the reasons of securing AOB’s from homeowners at any means possible. Including lying or deceiving homeowners into signing their rights away. They are not there for the homeowners benefit. Rather they seek to make their fortune at the expense of the homeowner. Their goal is money and lots of it. 

Roofs Still Not Done

Storm chasers will hit a neighborhood and get hundreds of AOB with conditions attached that such as $2500,00 cancelations fees or a hefty percent of the contract cost. After being misled into signing homeowners are now stuck waiting for a roof to get replaced. It may be months or even years as the roofer has so many AOB contracts. Leaving many roofs still not done. 

Insurance Companies Have Had Enough

Having so many hurricane damage claims such as from our last storm IAN in Ft Meyers Florida some insurance companies are leaving the State. Due to complaints from AOB agreements pushed by unethical roofers. The storm chasers not only press to get a signed AOB they also submit high claims to the carrier. Much higher than what a normal local roofer would charge. 

Florida Senate To The Rescue

Senate Bill 2A was passed on December 14, 2022.  A bill that will greatly help and protect homeowner. The bill became effective January 1, 2023. Among the bill is the following;

Assignments of Benefits
“Prohibits the assignment, in whole or in part, of any post-loss insurance benefit under any residential property insurance policy or under any commercial property insurance policy issued on or after January 1, 2023”


Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc are not storm chasers and will never be a ‘roofers knocking on doors’ company. We are local roofers and seek to present homeowners a quality roof using superior products with the best warranty. We assist homeowners because we live and work here and we really do care. For that we expect to be reasonability compensated for our services.

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