Roof To Wall Connectors

Roof To Wall Connectors are the metal connectors between the exterior outside walls of a house and the rafters or trusses. Also called hurricane clips or straps.  Many older homes do not have some or all of the connectors needed for insurance hurricane requirement. Some houses built in the 80’s and 90’s were not installed with the required number of nails in the connectors. There are many installed with only 3 nails rather than 4 and some never had straps nailed on both sides of the rafter or truss.

Four Areas Concerning For Roofs

For insurance discounts on homeowners house there are four areas of concern for insurances.

  • The wall to truss connectors
  • The plywood deck nailed off with 8d nails every 6″
  • The underlayment be self-adhered (peel & stick)
  • New roof with 130mph or better wind lift

We at Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc can install the additional connector nails while we do the roof. Or while we replace your old soffits. If you have replaced your roof over the last few years and is too soon to consider that again maybe the option of replacing soffits is better.


We can save you money as roof and general contractors by installing the straps or extra nails to existing straps during replacing the roof. Or we can remove and install the required wall connectors then install new soffit and fascia. Which ever you would prefer we can do it.

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