Roof Damage At Electrical Mast

Because previous roofer did not install shingles around the mast with the proper flashing boot. Instead they just caulked it. This was leaking and rotting the wood around the mast. We fixed and install the correct flashing boot. To determine if your mast is leaking, look at the soffit area underneath overhang for water stains or algae stains.

Roof repairs can be simple and yet others require a professional. If you suspect you have a water leak at your electrical service but do not see any rotten wood. You can get an adheisive caulk suck as Karnak 19 in a tube at your local box store. Using a caulk gun seal around the mast at the shingles or metal or even a flat roof. It will hold up for a few years but will need caulked again or a flashing boot installed. Being that the mast goes through the roof structure and roof material the pole moves and caulk cracks over time.

If you the homeowner would like a professional opinion and service call please call us at 321-914-3360 we would be happy to evaluate your mast or any other area on your roof that might present a existing or future issue. When we do come and provide a estimate on whatever homeonwer views as an issue we do what we call a walkover on the complete roof in search of any compromising areas.


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