Replacing Flat Roof

Replacing flat roof by Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc. We have installed a few pictures of flat roofs on the back porches of homes. Also, some commercial pictures. We install self-adhered systems on flat roofs. Because using a single torch flame, the flame is never even. It leaves pockets where the cap sheet never melted to the base sheet. Over time, the installed system develops bubbles due to air trapped between layers.

Another condition of using torch systems is that contractors will use aluminum drip. The heat from the torch will cause the material not to stick to the drip edge. We stopped using that old system years ago. Today, the technology available gives many options that last years. Plus, they hold up in storms because they fully adhere to the roof deck.  We also install the drip edge between the base and cap sheet. By putting down the base and then the drip edge. Nail the drip edge every 3 inches. Spray primer on the drip edge, then install a cap sheet on the roof deck.


Benefits of Self-adhered System

  • No possible fire from torches
  • Safe to use
  • No bubbles can develop
  • Drip-edge is sandwiched
  • Leaves a clean look


We are certified in self-adhered systems. One such system we use a lot is Flintlastic® SA self-adhered roof system. Check out the manufacture product and see how much better than the old systems of the past.


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