Pitch Flat Roof

This homeowner had a flat roof over their porch where water did not drain properly. As a result, they had constant roof leaks from the standing water. They wanted the porch to be converted to a living space, so they needed to stop the water leaks. So we contracted to remove the existing roof material down to wood decking. We then installed 2×8 sleepers on the flat roof for a positive roof drain. Allowing for spacing so AC ducting could enter the room underneath. When ready we applied 4×8 4ply cdx plywood sheathing on the rafters. The roof material was self-adhered Flintlastic. It consists of a pliable base that adheres to the wood decking and a top cap sheet. Water no longer sits on the roof.

General Contractors

As general contractors, we can build and install systems that other roofers cannot do having only a roof license. There are many options available for the homeowner when it comes to pitching flat roofs. One popular system is a taper roof system.

Taper Roof Systems

Taper roof systems can pitch a flat roof 1/8″ and 1/4″ per foot. The taper boards can also add some insulating value to the roof. These taper boards are installed to the wood deck with screws and 3″ plates to hold to the deck. Depending on the conditions and expense the right system can be installed to meet your needs.

With systems available today there is no reason a homeowner should put up with roof water leaks. We are available for consultation as to which system or product is best suited for your conditions. Whether it is a small pitch with sleepers or large pitch with trusses we have installed hundreds of them and can install either one for the homeowner. Looking to eliminate water sitting on the flat roof leaking every time it rains.

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