Pavilion Deck and Railing by Florida Roofing and Renovations will provide this HOA years of enjoyment. We removed the old worn wood decking and then reengineered the existing pressure treated wood joist. By adding one additional joist between existing joist we gave more rigidity for the new Pavilion Deck to be installed. We also replaced any rotten or warp sub joist. Once the decking was structurally sound and level we began deck installation. We replaced the Pavilion Deck with a PVC decking. It was installed with hidden fasteners so the decking is smooth for barefoot children. The decking we use will not warp, bow or discolor as wood boards do which also can be a trip hazard.
After the decking was finished we began the railing. The railing which was wood boards were warped, rotting and had splinters like the decking. So we were contracted to remove the old worn railing too. The railing we installed was an anodized aluminum railing which will not rust, discolor or rot as other types of railing. When we had completed both the decking and the railing we then reinstalled their existing PVC benches. Those benches in the photos were installed years ago by another contractor. However their durability in weather shows how products have changed over the years for the better using PVC which the benches were made of. Florida Roofing and Renovations provide quality renovations for homeowners, condominiums with HOA’s.

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