Palm Bay Roof Replaced

As a roof contractor, we have operated for over 30 years in Palm Bay, Florida. We used Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine shingles to replace this roof. Atlas shingles can beautify any home’s exterior. Also, using Atlas Scotchgard™ Protector, your roof will provide algae protection and maintain its beautiful curb appeal for many years. With protection against high winds and black streaks, your investment in Atlas roofing system can give you peace of mind.

Over the plywood decking, we installed the Atlas WeatherMaster® self-adhesive underlayment. As a result, this provided a secondary layer of protection against damage caused by extreme weather.

We complete most roofs in two days. We are often called to replace a Palm Bay roof we installed 15-20 years ago. The difference in shingle quality vs now is fantastic. Shingles were thirty-year and 85 mph and were mostly asphalt-based. Today, shingles have a limited lifetime and 130 mph with a lot of fiberglass for strength.

 Many homeowners want to know what shingles to use in replacing their roofs.

A homeowner can do the following.

  1. A homeowner should research shingle manufacturers.
  2. How are the shingles made?
  3. How long do they last?
  4. Ask about the manufacturer’s warranty. Then, compare warranties.
  5. Ask friends what brand they had installed,

We offer fast, efficient service. And have a better price and warranty. Ask to have your roof replaced by Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc. In addition, we can provide references from satisfied clients.

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