Metal Roofing

Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc can provide metal roofing at very competitive prices. We buy direct saving you the homeowner money. Metal roofing has a long list of benefits, such as 50 plus years, reflective of Florida’s summer heat, most durable, variety of colors and more. As an energy-efficient roofing material a homeowner cannot go wrong in choosing a metal roof for their home. Metal panels are installed either two ways, exposed fasteners or concealed fasteners. Exposed fasteners are used on 5v crimp type and is a more affordable option often used in commercial and agricultural. The concealed fasteners are used more on standing seam type and offers more aesthetic sleek appearance and is more common in residential.

A higher wind lift for hurricanes at 150mph or more, a wide variety of profiles and colors, energy savings, virtually maintenance free plus a resale value due to its durability. Who would not want to replace their roof with metal. Call and let Florida Roofing and Renovations provide you more detail as to why metal roofing is the roof of choice for many Floridians.

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