How To Choose The Right Shingle Color

How to choose the right shingle color for your house. With so many color options available today, it can be overwhelming to choose the right color.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right color.

  1. What color are the soffits and fascia?
  2. What are the house exterior walls painted?
  3. Are the exterior walls of your house brick, stucco, or wood?
  4. Are arches on the front of a home porch or windows?
  5. Will any of the conditions above change shortly?

There are many reasons why the questions above should be asked.

For example, are the existing house colors earth tones or pastel colors? If the fascia and soffits are brown, then earth-tone colors are often best with brown ones. The same questions apply to the paint on house walls to determine which color spectrum. The exterior house material matters a lot in that brick is a fixed color, and homeowners can choose a color shingle that, once installed on the house, looks as though the brick goes up and over the house due to shingles, same as a brick color blend. With brick, the shingles should contrast the brick color, not try to match it.

Also, if the front of the house consists of arches with stucco, giving the home a Spanish style, then colors such as Copper Canyon, Sunset Red, Burnt Hickory, or Chestnut will work better. If a home has gray or pastel colors, then that wheelhouse of colors goes best. For colonial-style houses, the colors Black Shadow, Coastal Granite, Oyster, or Pewter go best.

Choosing The Right Color.

The house color is essential, but so is the texture of the house walls. Whether brick, stucco, or wood. It is best to get samples and set them in front of the house, then notice if the color complements your home. Supposing you are able or have a roofer who will lay the samples on the roof edge so you, the homeowner, can better determine the best color. But applying a sample against a garage door can work, too.

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