Harbor Blues Shingles By Owens Corning

TruDefinition Duration Harbor Blue shingles have an overall color of blue achieved by a Harbor Blue TruDefinition Duration shingle.

When you want the ultimate protection and impressive curb appeal, you’ll want Duration® Shingles. They are specially formulated on a TruDefinition® color platform, giving them dramatic color contrast and dimension in various popular colors. Beyond the great look, Duration® Shingles are Rated Class 3 for Impact Resistance1 and come with the advanced performance of patented SureNail® Technology—with Triple Layer Protection® in the nailing zone for superior holding power. We proved it in testing. – Owens Corning

Harbor Blue shingles can look awesome on the right house, especially if you like blue. We try to post houses that have had their roof replaced by us and have colors so the homeowner can see how they look. Shingle colors like Harbor Blue, Chateau Green, and Terra Cotta can be difficult to imagine in a house, so we post them for homeowners.

We like Owens Corning’s shingle for many reasons. Mainly, their colors are nice and nice in the DURATION® DESIGNER


The world is full of color, and so are these shingles. If you’re looking to add more drama or a knockout new look for your home, don’t overlook the power of using color on your roof to help coordinate exterior accents like paint, trim, and even landscaping. Rated Class 3 for Impact Resistance1, TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Shingles offer spectacular curb appeal and the advanced performance and durability of our patented SureNail® Technology. This technology provides the ultimate protection in the nailing zone of your shingle with Triple Layer Protection® that results in superior holding power. We proved it in testing.Owens Corning

We have installed their new color, Midnight Plum, on a house in Palm Bay, Florida, here.