Flat Roof Changed To Pitched

A flat roof was changed to a pitched roof. Here are before-and-after pictures. This homeowner had a flat roof over the garage and wanted us to pitch it. We tore the roof off down to the wood, then built a framed roof over the flat, leaving the wood flat roof for storage. Throughout the 80’s and 90s, we converted houses, porches, and garages from flat roofs to pitched. Water sitting on flat roofs is the main reason most homeowners want their roofs converted. Aesthetics is another reason to change the flat roof.


Our experience in renovations over the years allows us to acquire the knowledge to tear into a homeowner’s home and install roof systems. We have also built additions, front or back porches, and remodeled the inside of the house. Sometimes, homeowners do not have a set of prints to bid on. That’s where we come in. We know what is load-bearing and what is not. We are qualified to build the projects when we bid on them. Once we agree on the project with the homeowner, we secure prints for the project.

Serving Areas

Palm Bay, FL; Melbourne, FL; Satellite Beach, FL; Indialanitic, FL; Viera, FL; Rockledge, FL; all of Brevard County, FL.

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