Commercial Roof Coating

Commercial Roof Coatings installed by Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc. as certified applicators. We have installed white roof coatings on all types of commercial buildings. All coatings are not the same, and some are required for different applications. A warehouse with a metal roof requires a 100% acrylic polymer, elastomeric coating, and flat roofs with SBS and APP granular modified membranes and smooth surface APP membranes as long as there is no ponding water. A silicone roof coating is best for flat roofs with ponding water or little to no drainage.

Coatings can reflect heat from the sun and protect the underlying roof surface, extending the roof for as much as 20-plus years or more. The benefits of coatings vs removal of existing roof material are very lengthy. Energy savings due to heat reflectivity, significant financial savings due to not removing existing roofs, savings in landfills of more asphalt material, which helps our environment, and finally, the cost of coating material compared to complete roof replacement material.


Types of Buildings That Can Be Coated



Flat Roof Coatings

We can coat residential flat roofs, saving the homeowner the cost of reproofing their home roof. In addition to money saved by coating the roof vs replacing it, there are energy savings that come with white reflective coatings. We have coated patios, balconies, and deckings while installing new or re-installing railings. Our product works great in difficult situations. Please take a look at the pictures for the many ways we have installed roof coating. The material stays pliable and has a high elongation for Florida’s extreme weather. If you are still determining if our products can work for you, allow us to come and provide you with an estimate. We will bring samples and show precisely what we can do to prevent water leaks and heat from penetrating the living area.

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