Chimney Rebuild

This chimney rebuild by Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc. We began by removing shingles from around the chimney and then prepped to stucco over existing imitation stucco brick. We replace damaged wood decking and then installed new flashing around bottom of chimney. Then a stucco stop was installed at the bottom of chimney over the flashing. Corner bead was then installed on chimney corners. We used PVC corner bead instead of metal so not to rust in the future. Part of the reason for this chimneys leaks was metal corner bead was used which had rusted and allowed water intrusion.

The Finished Chimney

A chimney rebuild sometimes requires more than some rotten wood and flashing replaced. This chimney needed pretty much a complete rebuild. After new flashing at roof around chimney, two coats of stucco was applied for a nice finish. We installed a custom made chimney cover and cap that will now last the homeowner many years to come. The finish look was great from the front yard and street view.

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