Atlas Shingles

We installed Atlas shingles on this house over a self-adhered (peel n stick) underlayment. Atlas shingles has the best algae warranty including a 130mph lifetime warranty. We also brought shingle color samples to the homeowner to compare to their house color. We helped the homeowner to choose the right attic ventilation. Because the best time to update attic ventilation is during a roof replacement. We can also update roof to wall hurricane clips at the time of replacing the roof as an additional service.

Additional Services

As general contractors we are licensed to update the wall connectors for insurance requirements. We also provide homeowners with a mitigation report for their insurance  included with every roof replacement. Many roof contractors have only a roof license. Florida Roofing and Renovations has both a state roof license and a state general contractor licenses. Because of our licenses we can provide the homeowner with options to multiple projects. In the above example along with the roof we also replaced their fascia with new white aluminum. Give us a call to estimate your roof along with any other home improvements you may have.

Our years of experience have allowed us to help homeowners with their roofing projects plus their home improvement projects.

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