Algae On Shingle Roof

You just had you roof installed a few years ago by a roof contractor you thought used good materials. But now your roof is turning black. One reason is using inferior products. Drive down any neighborhood and you can see roof after roof with algae or a black mildew streaking the shingles. Florida is very humid and just right for algae to grow on many things including roofs. Unless the right products were installed using the best algae fighting material on the market.

Of all the many shingle manufactures some have shingles that show algae sooner than others. At Florida Roofing and Renovations the shingles that we use do not show the black algae commonly seen on Florida roofs. We learned a long time ago companies can go out of business or begin using cheaper materials. For whatever reason the supplier no longer provides quality products. We at Florida Roofing and Renovations believe in using a manufacture as long as the company continues to produce exceptional products. The company that does earns our continued support. So we can honor our commitment to homeowners that we use only the best roof materials.

If a manufacture begins to drop in quality we will no longer use their products. Our goal is to ensure the homeowner we have done due diligence in using only the best products.

Below is a roof that another roofer installed and is only seven years old and the roof is being covered in algae.

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