9 Steps to Replace Your Roof

These steps can prepare you for what is involved in replacing your roof. Use these steps in determining if the roof contractor you are considering has proper install procedures. Will they install the new roof using proper roof installation requirements. Which are required not only by building departments but also by the manufacture. Building departments require installation to meet Florida and local building code. However manufactures and quality roof contractors will ensure the roof is installed using specs designed to provide manufactures warranty. The code and the specs should be adhered to for the homeowner to have peace of mind. 

9 Steps

  1. The contractor will have you remove vehicles from garage and driveway. So not to block cars in the garage and to protect vehicles from any debris or nails.
  2. The roof material and a dumpster will be delivered to your home for tear off debris.
  3. Contractor will cover plants and bushes with tarps along side of house for protection and to keep debris and nails from yard or planters.
  4. Start roof tear-off procedure farthest from the dumpster and work forward to front of house. Removing all shingles or other roofing material down to the wood. There can be an additional cost if another roof is under existing roof, commonly called a roof over. The additional cost is for tearing off a second roof. Also replacing any damaged or rotten wood will be an additional cost. The contractor will not know if or how much wood damaged exist until roof material is removed to expose wood decking. The cost varies with contractors so ask the contractor their cost for wood replacement at time of proposal.
  5. Once all roof material is removed and damage wood replaced code requires the wood decking be nailed off with 8d nails every 4-6 inches. Then an approved underlayment is installed to code. Florida coastal counties now requires a self-adhered underlayment ( peel and stick ) or equivalent thereof.
  6. An inspection is required by the building department at this time of the dried-in roof. Before any shingles can be installed. The inspector will make sure dry-in is installed properly, make sure the drip-edge is install to code with nails every 3 inches apart and valley is properly prepared to have the shingles installed. Once inspector is satisfied roof dry-in has been installed properly he or she will pass the dry-in and the contractor can now begin to install the roof shingles chosen.
  7. Florida requires six nails per shingle for hurricane and to get the 130mph wind lift. Note: If you are on what is called the island or beachside make sure stainless steel nails are used to install your shingles as the salt air will rust out nails in a few short years.
  8. Completion of Roof – Contractor will perform a walk-over of job installed to confirm everything meets code and specs as well as clean up of roof and grounds. Remove dumpster. Have final roof inspection. The inspector will ensure roof is completed properly and has the right amount of nails installed and in the right area of the shingle.
  9. Provide the homeowner any release, the signed permit and warranties.

Some roof contractors care more about just passing the inspections with no regard to producing a quality roof. Just to save on cost in order that they can make more profit. Quality roof contractors have standards and who honestly seek to provide the homeowner a higher standard of workmanship. They will go the extra mile, hold a high standard, involve the homeowner, focus crew to produce quality and complete a satisfactory roof.

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