Roof Repairs

Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc. offers repairs on roofs, chimneys, siding, porches, and more. I have attached pictures of just a few repairs we have completed over the years. A contractor with years of experience and repair exposure will know how to fix the problem. Repair techs need to be qualified to correct the problem. Many techs are installers or new construction but have never taken apart and repaired anything. For example, an expert in roofing will know how to remove a roof, fix the water damage, and replace it without causing more damage.

A general contractor’s license will know how to do the same with a chimney or dormer on a roof. A roof contractor must have employees who are capable and experienced. Many times during a roof replacement, replacing truss members or rafters is necessary. This repair must carry the roof structure and roof material on top. Others are chimney rebuilds, which are causing roof leaks. We are knowledgeable in rebuilding a chimney, fixing structural damage, and installing new wood, siding, or stucco. Sometimes, the fix is to build a cricket behind the chimney on the high side, directing water around and out from behind the chimney. Crickets are required by code to prevent future water leaks.


As an accredited business with the BBB, we have a reputation for repairing and renovating roofs for years. As General contractors, we can rebuild anything we encounter while repairing or replacing a roof. Contact us today to schedule a roof repair inspection. 321-914-3360