Roof and Renovation Pics

Photos of services provided by Florida Roofing and Renovations Inc.

Below are roof and renovations pics. Choose the Roofing Gallery for photos of many types of roofing we install of shingles, metal, tile and flat roofs. Or choose the Renovation Gallery for photos of the different types of exterior renovations we provide. The pics show homeowners that as both Certified Roof Contractors and General Contractors we are able to provide services in combined packages reducing the cost of various trades. Also it allows the homeowner to get estimates of different projects from one contractor rather than many companies.

Years of experience are revealed in the photos of jobs we have completed. Though there are many roof photos along with renovation pics we have installed and built many projects in addition to those shown here. Our experience affords us the ability to provide and install the right products the first time. For many reasons some products do not hold up well in Florida’s climate. Through the years we have come to know which ones fail and which products last. When a homeowner or business calls Florida Roofing and Renovations for an estimate they are also getting our years of experience. 

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