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If you are still trying to decide which siding is right for your home but want to explore more options, we can guide you through the many choices available to homeowners today. We are dedicated to providing quality artistry using quality materials, ensuring you make the best choice for your home and your family. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to choose the right siding for your home.

What Types of Siding are there?

Each of the siding types has its pros and cons. Each is used on different substrates or structures. Stucco is used on block homes. Wood-framed homes, however, have stucco, cement board, and wood siding. In this post, we are discussing wood-framed homes and the various sidings on them.

The most common sidings are:

Wood – Some Florida homes have what is known as T1-11 for wood siding. It comes in 4’x8’ sheets and is installed on wood-framed homes. Though a low-cost option when installed, the material can cost $30.00 to 50.00 per 4×8 sheet. It also requires maintenance every five years or so through repainting.

Stucco – Has been used in Florida for many years with good results. It does not have exposed wood to rot. It is easily paintable but may require repainting every ten years.

Cement – Also known as Hardie-Board. It can mimic the look of wood. It can be great in the right conditions, such as chimneys or siding. Like wood, it requires painting, but it holds up better than wood siding by not rotting.

Vinyl – This material has been used for years for its affordability and durability. It never requires painting, is easily cleanable, and comes in many colors. Very practicable. 


Things to consider when choosing the right siding




Energy Saving

Dangers of Replacing House Siding

Too often, a handyman or inexperienced person removes damaged or rotten wood found at the bottom of the house’s exterior walls by cutting the wood siding horizontally. In doing so, they take out the lateral strength of the wall. It is against the code to cut the 4×8 sheet of plywood or T1-11 siding in the middle between the top of the exterior wall and the bottom. We are called upon frequently to repair such conditions. During hurricanes, extreme pressure is pushed on house walls designed to withstand the force. By cutting the wall, the wall structure is compromised.


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We have years of experience beautifying homes by changing the house’s exterior, including the sidings.

By applying stucco over existing T1-11 wood siding or new wood siding over existing, we have found that installing vinyl over existing wood siding is the most economical. We can change the home’s appearance by adding or changing posts or beams, giving the house a more updated look. We prefer vinyl siding because it’s more affordable, can last 50 years, is resistant to pests, does not rot like wood, does not require painting, and can be cleaned easily. Additionally, it can allow for additional insulation for walls that face south and west, receiving the most heat during the summer months. Thus lowering energy bills.

To date, we have homes with vinyl siding installed by us over 30 years ago that not only still look good but have not needed to be painted or replaced, only cleaned with soap and water. So vinyl has improved over the years to meet the four things any homeowner should consider: Appearance, Durability, Maintenance, and Energy Saving. If you are tired of rigorous maintenance routines of painting and repairing rotten wood, we strongly encourage entertaining vinyl siding. We also can do the soffits there so you would never get on a ladder again. Just hose the walls and soffits with water from safely on the ground.

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$999 OFF applies to total house siding replacements. It cannot be combined with any other offers or previously placed orders. It is not valid on partial jobs or repairs.


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